Kristian Dawawan + Rasheed Coles 2

Kristian Dawawan and Rasheed Coles are kickin it and chillin on the balcony taking shots. They take a bet that whoever can finish their shot the fastest, gets some head and ass. Kristian gets the job done first and Rasheed has no choice and starts sucking Kristian off. Kristian bends Rasheed over and starts to tongue his tight little ass. They decide to take it inside and Rasheed climbs on Kristian and wraps his tight hole around Kristian’s fat dick. He gives that dick a real good ride, then Kristian takes him from behind and pounds Rasheed real good. Once Kristian pounds that for a while, it isn’t long before he’s ready to nut. He unleashes his load all over Rasheed’s pretty ass then sucks on Rasheed’s dick until it busts all over Kristian’s face.

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Black guy shows his monster cock

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Latino twink hard stiff cock

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Brandon Smith + Kevin Banks

Kevin Banks is admiring the car Brandon is standing next to. He asks Brandon if it’s his but it isn’t. When Brandon asks if he wants a ride Kevin gets a little confused since he just said he doesn’t have a car but eventually he gets what’s up. When Brandon pulls out his thick 11″ black dick, Kevin doesn’t even flinch. He deepthroats the shit outta that monster like a real pro. After getting it wet he bends over and puts his pink hole in the air and Brandon wastes no time taking that shit. With all 11 inches in he asks Kevin if he likes that big black dick and how could he not! Kevin is so worked up having so much cock up his ass that when Brandon unloads all over his face, he busts his nut too. It’s definitely a much better ride he could’ve ever gotten in that car!

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horny black boy butt

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Long Huge Stiff Curved Cock

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Black boy hard stiff cock

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Slap Happy & Sloppy

In the shower and soaping up his cock, Colt tugs a nice one, when Derek come in and “helps.” The two models get fully clean, before they get dirty again. Derek goes to his knees to “hoover” Colt’s nice thick cock, swallowing it like a hungry chick. On the bed, Colt services the bottom boy on all levels, while porn arouses the auditory senses. Smiling and moaning, “fuck yeah,” Derek “holds open the door” while the top enters with his tongue. Once in, with his cock, Colt immediately speeds up; some nice footage confirms what a “slap happy” pairing this is.

The two then go missionary, fast. Colt’s pounding only intensifies as Derek’s dick swells; once his legs go over his head, the top gains even more leverage and both enjoy the position. Stopping only to re-position and lap at Derek’s hole, Colt enjoys the rippling of the bottom’s ass. Into a hard, steady rhythm, the bottom moans, “fuck me.” Sweaty and closer, they both are amazed, and amazing, at the man on man sensations. With a bit more kissing and plowing, Derek is now tugging on himself, with a hand from Colt. I don’t know who will blow first; I’m kinda betting on myself, if these two go much longer. The top then pulls out and kneels over the bottom as they jerk. Blowing first, Colt hits Derek’s torso which has him blowing right behind, after he cleans up Colt’s cock. Looking at all the mess, Derek seems pretty sloppy, just the way we like it.

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Download the full video at SDBoy

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Naked black twink - huge cock

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Chico and Papito - Part 1

Part 1
Scene Description

Chico is back doing what he does best - sucking cock! This time he’s with Papito who is 19 and has a massively thick uncut cock! As we know already Chico is an 18 year old bi-boy who bottoms when he’s with another guy. Even though they are having sex they have straight porn on the portable dvd player to keep them motivated (as if these 2 needed any additional motivation besides each other)! Chico can’t wait to get that dark uncut meat in his little cocksucking mouth and of course, Papito loves getting head. They are so horned up now that they decide to try fucking but they have no condoms - that’s not going to stop this pair of horny motherfuckers. The only question is can Chico take all that cock? Stay tuned for Part 2 of this hot duo action!

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Chico and Papito - Part 2

Part 2
Scene Description

The HOT action continues in part 2 of the steamy duo encounter between Papito and Chico! Armed only with lube they continue to attempt to fuck bareback as Chico tries his best to take all of that dark uncut meat Papito is impaling him with! Papitio takes a break to change positions thinking that doggie style will give him a better position to rape that tight 18 year old ass!

Chico is so hot for that cock than he takes it right from his asshole into his mouth over and over! Chico busts his own nut and then Papito shoots his load on Chico’s chest and face before Chico takes his cum covered cock into his mouth to clean it off and swallow that load he worked so hard for! Fuck that was hot!

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